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With a host of excursions & activities available to suit any traveller, you are assured of the most fabulous experience during your stay.

Birding – Lake Mburo National Park is one of the best places in East Africa to find acacia-dwelling birds and, Southern species at the northern limit of their range. Examples include the bare-faced go-away bird and Black-collared barbet. Sightings of such birds are almost guaranteed on a peaceful boat trip on Rwonyo on Lake Mburo.

This experience, as well as the more popular early morning nature walks in Rubanga Forest, are, in fact, great for checking off many forest species. The park’s impressive checklist contains more than 310 species in total.

A bonus for birders is the swamps, in which the prehistoric-looking shoebill stork goes fishing. Here you will also find six resident papyrus specials, including the spectacular blue-headed coucal and papyrus gonolek.

If you wish to tick migratory birds off your checklist, the best time to visit is from November to April.

Boat cruise  – The awe-inspiring morning and evening boat cruise in the park’s lake system is excellent for discovering how plenty of hippos and crocodiles co-exist despite being enemies. For better sightings of birds and buffaloes, pay good attention while in the marshes. If you are crazy about mesmerizing sunsets, prepare to be blown away.

Game Drives – With varied ecosystems, from rocky outcrops to wetlands and acacia woodland, every game drive at Lake Mburo National Park brings with it unique sights. In the interest of not interfering with the park’s eco-systems, its network of trails is made of murram. Thanks to the routine maintenance they undergo, one can explore the park with ease even if they are not driving a 4×4 car, except for the peak rainy season of April.

By the end of a three hours game drive in the Mburo’s open savannah, you will have encountered the largest zebra population in Uganda (over 8,000), as well as waterbuck, giraffes, warthog, oribi, greater galago, reedbuck and a host of other mammals. Another great treat to see are the warthog, a wild bush pig species that regularly visit Kigambira Safari Lodge at night. Despite their wide distribution throughout the continent, they are rarely spotted in other parks. That’s what makes them a real special for this conservation area.

Kigambira Safari Lodge is always happy to arrange night game drives, giving guests the opportunity to sight the nocturnal creatures – hyenas, hippos coming out to graze. With regard to predators, you may be lucky enough to spot the cheeky hyena, elusive leopard, or even the almost extinct lions that have recently been spotted again.

Hiking & Nature Walks – A walk through the low canopied Rubanga Forest brings to life the world of forest creatures and birds in a lush, cool setting.

Nature trails around the lake unearth a world of birdlife, as well as exotic fauna, and the park rangers accompanying guests on these walks will open your eyes to a different world.

Picnic lunches can be organized for those who prefer to explore the various areas without time limits.