Luxe dans la nature ougandaise

If you’re looking for a space to have some lone time, a couples get away or even a family holiday, we are the place for you in the Ugandan Wild. You will find a treasure hidden in the savanna of Lake Mburo National Park. A place to disconnect from the busy town life or your everyday routine, where are you can reconnect with yourself, your family or your loved one. 

The beautiful drive to Kigambira Safari Lodge cuts right through the national park in order to get to your accommodation. You will see numerous animals which will give you the realization that you have really taken a holiday, breaking away from familiar sights of tall buildings and busy streets. When you finally arrive, you will be welcomed by a warm team who settle you in so swiftly so the holiday can begin.

Kigambira Safari Lodge is a very unique location. While boasting of luxury facilities and amenities there is a touch of eco, African heritage and tranquility with 12 housing units known as bandas each named after an animal found within Lake Mburo National Park. Each banda provides maximum safety and comfort without taking away the aspect of a natural environment. Every Banda is designed to protect you from the wild animals without ruining their natural habitat.  They are well spaced to provide privacy and isolation that you will not be aware of the presence of other people around you. Despite being in a national park, you have all amenites such as hot water, constant supply of stable electricity, internet, and security.

During your stay, you will get to see hippos unclose without you being in danger. We make sure that your experience of the wild is safe but also upclose.

Book your stay today to unlock the treasure that Kigambira Safari Lodge is.

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