More than Travel: What Travel Teaches You

Lake Mburo National Park

Whether you are traveling to Lake Mburo National Park or going to track down gorillas, travel always has a thing or two to teach you.

  • How big the world is

The monotony of our days shrink our worlds. It makes our worlds consist of our homes, our workplaces and the few streets we pass through while moving between those locations.

Travel expands the world. It gives it more breadth, depth and flavor. It opens your eyes to the many possibilities this world can present you. It stretches you out of your bubble. This isn’t beneficial only because it freshens the mind but also because it gets your creative juices flowing and boosts your thought process.

Kigambira Safari Lodge in Lake Mburo National Park

  • To leave your comfort zones

Travel in itself is about leaving the comfort zone of your home and even your town; places you are familiar with. Travel opens you up to trying new things. You can try bird watching at Kigambira Safari Lodge, a boat ride on Lake Mburo or even a picnic in the wild. The possibilities are endless.

  • Patience

When you go on safari expecting to see different species of birds, hippos, buffaloes and lions, you quickly learn that you cannot dictate how your tour goes. The animals may not be at the spots they often frequent and you have to go on a longer ride to find them. You have to learn to be patient, to enjoy the moments between the sightings. Travel helps you realize that things don’t have to go as planned to turn out great. You can arrange for a day or night safari when visiting with us.

Buffaloes in Lake Mburo National Park

  • To breathe

Time slows down when you’re traveling, especially after you arrive at your destination. The open fresh air at Lake Mburo National Park will make you feel like you can finally take a well-deserved deep breath.
When everything slows down, you get a chance to relax and enjoy the simpler things like the chirping of birds, the glory of sunsets and the luxury in stillness.

Lake Mburo has more than 350 bird species

  • How to be in awe

It has been said, “Awe-inspiring experiences can make us happier, help us to feel more connected to others, and lead us to act with greater kindness. Moments of awe can boost our mood, improve our work performance, reduce the stress response in our body, and even decrease cellular inflammation… Awe can make us more creative, less stressed, more curious, and even physically healthier.”

Being isolated from the things you know surrounded by opportunities for adventure takes us on a spiritual ride. It’s almost as if you wake up and truly open your eyes to what is unfolding before you. It’s a beautiful experience.

Make more plans to travel more and watch your life transform for the better.

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